Sunday, October 30, 2016

Pooh Parade - L and J

How time flies!  I thought I had shared the L when it was finished, but apparently I forgot.  Whoops!  So now I've got two finished letters to show off!  Only one more to go!

Today I'll be working on the last piece.  This one has parts that stick up way above the actual letter, but hopefully I'll be getting to the letter soon!  It's looking like finishing before Christmas is a real possibility.  Finger's crossed, for sure!

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  1. I love Pooh bear and the letters are so cute. Great work and I hope you get it all finished.

  2. These are adorable stitcheries... so many happy Winnie the Pooh memories!

  3. These are lovely, and you seem to be making really good progress. Fingers crossed you get done before Christmas. :-)