Monday, January 28, 2013

Penguins Are Everywhere!

I have been tossing around the question of whether to blog or not for a while.  Since I’ve decided to start documenting my process and find out how much time making a quilt takes me, I figure this is a good time to try out the blogging world and see what comes of it.  Hopefully I’ll have lots to report on since many of my projects are coming due!

Recently I’ve been working on a penguin quilt.  It’s been quite the process getting started.

Usually there’s the easy way to do things, and then there’s my way.  But this time I actually scaled back a quilt plan.  When I started making blocks I realized this quilt was going to take way too long!  My first plan was very ambitious (30 penguins and 74 three inch nine patches!  What was I thinking??) and a throw with a couple of pillows will be just as cute, right? 

Queen                                                         Throw
So now that we have a much more manageable throw (55x67) instead of a monster queen (79x91), hopefully I’ll be able to finish it!

Even though the original pattern calls for paper piecing, I carried on avoiding paper piecing for just a little bit longer.  One of these days I want to try it, because there are many neat paper pieced blocks out there… but perhaps not when I’ve got a deadline!  I drew a plan, tested my numbers and got a cute little pillow out of the deal.

Quilt status: 5/12 penguin blocks and all 20 blue on blue nine patches.

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