Sunday, October 30, 2016

Pooh Parade - L and J

How time flies!  I thought I had shared the L when it was finished, but apparently I forgot.  Whoops!  So now I've got two finished letters to show off!  Only one more to go!

Today I'll be working on the last piece.  This one has parts that stick up way above the actual letter, but hopefully I'll be getting to the letter soon!  It's looking like finishing before Christmas is a real possibility.  Finger's crossed, for sure!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October Block Report

While I've been doing hand stitching and working towards finishes a lot recently, I've also been trying not to let any project fall too far behind. Slowly, my 9 Positively Perfect Nap blocks have turned into 30, and the next set of 30 is underway.

It's funny how pictures can show you things you don't see looking at a layout in person. I just noticed there is a blue dot next to a blue plus!

I've also been working on some charity block projects with my quilt guild. For October the guild chose two lime green fabrics for Lyme disease. There was one modern and one traditional fabric, and we were allowed to add blacks and whites. The blocks are going to be assembled into two quilts and then auctioned off to help raise money for the cause.

Traditional Ohio Star (left) and Tula Pink inspired modern (right) quilt blocks.

We just got our fabrics for November, so I'm sure there will be another block report soon!

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Friday, October 21, 2016

A Neutral Finish

I had been holding on to these log cabins until I felt comfortable enough to try quilting a block by block design on my long arm.  I really wanted to showcase the diagonal stripes on this quilt, and here they are!

The tans seemed to want to wash out a bit, despite trying to get a picture in both the sun and the shade, but the sun did help to show off the quilting!  The dark side of the cabins were done with a stitch in the ditch style pattern and the light sides were done with a pattern called Swan Triangle.  The patterns even went together in such a way that the square in the center pops out on the back!

Now all it needs is a name and it's ready to leave the nest!

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