Thursday, August 15, 2013

What's in a stash

When I saw people were showing off their stashes at Sarah Quilts, how could I resist joining in?  So here's my little piece of heaven...

Why, yes.  My closet doors are mirrors.

Having a stash makes me quite happy.  I will unashamedly admit that I sometimes come to my sewing room just to sit and surround my self with all the pretty colors.

Assorted yardage and panels
I don't have the largest stash around, that's for sure...  But when I was restocking my sewing room after the renovation, I started to tally up what I do have.  And I was shocked at how much fabric I have accumulated!  I measured over 130 yards.

I organize my fabric primarily by size, marked so that I can tell at a glance whether I will have enough for what I want to make, but I also try to keep coordinating sets together.

Fat Quarters
When I started out as a quilter I mostly made pillows.  And even after I transitioned to making large quilts, I will still walk out of a quilt store and say: "Well, I only bought fat quarters."

But I have recently realized that's very silly.  I am not into making scrappy quilts and I can only make so many pillows!  So my new motto is: if you like it, buy more than a quarter!  (I don't see any way this could go wrong...)

What a mess!

And then there's all the fabric that has thus far escaped being put into my formal stash.  The fabric that is in use; that is odd shapes and sizes...  that has been washed and is patiently waiting to be ironed and put away...  Whoops!

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