Saturday, May 20, 2017

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - May

I decided to focus on the single color blocks first and wait to see what else my sky needs at the end, so... after skipping the multi-colored blocks in April, I'm back in with some green blocks for May!

Apparently I don't use much in the subtler tones of light green, but I think the palette should even out a bit when the yellow and neutral blocks join the party!

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Positively Perfect Nap Quilt - A Flimsy

Despite my best efforts at making this quilt larger than the pattern, it actually ended up being smaller!  Border selection turned out to be a bit of a struggle but, after briefly considering that maybe it was finished without any, I decided on some simple four inch black borders to float the design a bit.

Finished Size: 50 x 61

I am planning on a rainbow fabric for the binding, and I think these small black borders will give just enough space to keep all the colorful fabrics playing nicely.

This Timeless Treasures butterfly fabric has been catching my eye for a while and, when I finished this quilt, I finally decided to grab a couple of yards for the back.  A few extra inches of fabric on either side will wrap up the piecing and make this quilt ready to join my quilting pile!

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