Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Progress Through Purchases

I went to visit a new quilt store last weekend and came home with fabrics for setting my rainbow cabins.  The brown dot will be used for setting triangles to put the blocks on point, and the two darker browns are for borders.  This is going to end up a pretty large quilt when it all comes together.

I wanted to have a fresh start for the second round of blocks, so next I worked on remaking the puckered blocks from the first round.  The block on the right still has the original stitching.  The tan fabric is puckered along the inner seam and is pretty wavy overall.  The block on the left has been re-sewn and lies a whole lot flatter.  Success!

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  1. Your fix looks really good, and I really like the fabric you purchased. The border fabric will tie everything in nicely.

  2. Those are some sweet new fabrics, Rachel. This is going to be a beautiful quilt! Love your blocks!

  3. I like those brown dots a lot. Well done for having the patience to redo the puckered blocks too.