Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Getting (Re)started

I finished the first round of my rainbow quarter cabins and am slowly working on cutting the fabric for round two.  Two blocks per color was not enough...

I'm also planning to unstitch the first four blocks (those in the purple family) because, when soaked, the brown didn't shrink evenly with the tan.  Since the first blocks were together when the (accidental) soaking started, they're now pretty wrinkled compared to the later blocks and I'd like to fix that if I can.

In other news, I felt the need to play around a bit yesterday and pulled out the triangle remnants from my Maple Rose quilt.  This offset diamond layout was my favorite thus far but, since they're only 3" blocks, the design is still pretty small.  I'll have to some up with something to make it bigger!  Challenge accepted.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the accidental soaking. If you have more of your dark and light, you could make shoo fly blocks, but I do love the layout you show.

  2. I really like the offset diamond like you have above. Do you have any fabrics left where you could make it bigger? Or maybe just keep it as a little wall hanging?

  3. Wonder if your offset diamond could be used as an offset medallion? Surround it on three sides with border blocks.
    Thanks for showing what can happen with shrinkage. I used to prewash everything, but since mixing in precuts, I've let prewashing slide. Yikes!

  4. I've fallen in love with the versatility of those HST's. This is fabulous - love it.