Monday, March 9, 2015

Rainbow and binding

I started off with some hand stitching this weekend.  The first stage of the binding on Field of Hearts is done and I'm now working on doing the second stage by hand.  My mother-in-law had given me some wonder clips for Christmas, and I'm loving them!  I'm almost through the first long side.  Deadline: Friday!

I also tried some layouts for a few blocks I've been working on slowly here and there.  These blocks were from a mystery weekend where I never even got to the mystery!  To give you an indication of how long they've been waiting, my mother's quilt is already stitched up and gifted.

First I tried laying them out similar to how my mother laid hers out.  With my rainbow colors, I didn't think that was going to work.  So after a little playing around I came up with the layout below, and I really like it!

It's looking like I'm going to need to make another set of blocks for each of the colors.  It's going to be way too small otherwise!  That's perfectly fine with me though.  I'm loving the relaxed nature of being able to walk through my sewing room and put two blocks together whenever I have a few minutes.  No deadlines, no rush... just playing with pretty color.   Isn't that how life is supposed to be?

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  1. Yes, it's good to have a project without deadlines and just for the fun of it!! It looks beautiful!!
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Good luck with the binding! Your next quilt is so pretty. I like sewing without deadlines as well, but I usually give myself some and then wonder why I'm in a hurry.

  3. So pretty! It's nice to have a project that you can pick away at...this is a great start!
    Haven't invested in Wonder Clips yet but all my guild peeps seem to like them a lot. Maybe on the next shopping spree.... :)

  4. Those blocks are beautiful and I love the on point layout! Having no deadlines is the best way to sew! Like Jasmine, I typically have some deadline in mind as I am working but it's not 'real' and I typically do not stress about it, and that is exactly how creating should be :)

  5. Yes, that's how life (and quilting) should be! Great idea for the layout of those blocks, much more lively than the horizontal; it will be a very pretty quilt. Wonder clips look good - I always catch myself on pins when I'm binding.

  6. Yes, relaxed quilting is the best! Nice to help provide a little peace while piecing. Taking a break from a hectic life. Your blocks look great in the on point layout. And I can't wait to see your finish. The binding is coming along nicely!