Monday, March 2, 2015

Basically Patrick Suds

And we're back.  I haven't been waiting all this time for a replacement iron, never fear!

I was invited to hang some photography in a public space for the month of March, so my sewing room had to remain closed while I pulled it all together.  There was much framing and matting and running around this past month... but my pictures are all up now and just waiting for people to come in.  It is an amazing opportunity.  And it was also a lot more work than I ever expected.

So this weekend was the first time I've been able to get back in the sewing room since the end of January and I made good use of my time - washing and ironing (and petting) some fabric.

Now I swear that I don't bleed all my fabric, though I'm sure it looks like I do from my blog, but in the course of all the fabric washing I've been doing recently I did have some issues.  Some of the fabrics must have been damp next to each other in the washer for too long because the orange, red, and pink suds fabrics came out looking like a toddler had drawn all over them with a pen!

I tried applying some Dawn and water, to no avail.  However, with the liberal application of Shout stain remover and another trip through the washing machine, I was able to remove most of the dark marks!

Good as New!
And now all the colors of my suds line are washed and just waiting to be made into something delightful!

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  1. I have found that Shout Advanced is a lifesaver. I got way too heavy handed with marking, using my Sewline mechanical pencil (black lead of course). The Shout Advanced was the only thing that got those markings out. Whew!

  2. Congratulations on your photography show! Every time I start to think that current fabrics don't really shrink or bleed like they used to, something like this happens. I'm so glad that you were able to get rid of the marks!

  3. Love the suds fabrics! So much fun.

  4. Lovely to have you back. And congratulations being asked to show your photos - you should share some on here for us to see.

  5. I've just had a similar problem with a tiny piece of scrap fabric someone gave to me that I used in a quilt without washing first (I assumed it already had been) - it's a real pain isn't it :/ You did a great job of getting it out though, unlike me (mine just faded). Congratulations on the photography show - hope you sell some work, and as Kaja said, I'd love to see some!

    PS Ummm, I think your 'About Me' paragraph could actually be about me!!!

  6. Congratulations on the photography show ! Those marks are really strange, I've never experienced anything like that. Yesterday I tried a new to me laundry detergent "No Sort" and I hope to get a blog post up about it shortly.
    Colleen @