Monday, September 22, 2014

Rainbow Hand Quilting - 89%

There has been some really good progress this past week.  I was able to accomplish just about one square a day, bringing me to halfway through square 18!

The back is the easiest way to see all the quilted blocks!

Square 18 is Mr. Snake.  I was hoping to have him finished for this morning, but I still think I'm in good shape to be done with the panel and working on the borders by mid week!

One of the squares I finished recently had both a boy and a girl.  Since the baby has already been born, and the gender is no surprise, I decided to only outline the little boy.

Each block has an outer and an inner border around its center piece.  For half of the blocks this is a light and dark of the same color.  In the course of my stitching, I've found the boundary between the light and dark is harder to discern with certain colors.  For example, the yellow squares have been quite easy to stitch.  However, the line between the two shades in the red squares is more difficult to see (and those blocks go a good deal slower).  I think they picked very similar reds!

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  1. Such a cute quilt! I admire you for hand quilting! I did it for my first quilt and it was so time consuming for me that it caused me to go and buy a sewing machine! So thanks to hand quilting I am not doing hand quilting any more, weird right? ;)
    Thanks for linking up at MOP Monday!!

  2. Your progress looks great! I too like to look at the backs of quilts in progress. It's motivating to see a blank back take on some character.

  3. It just does my heart good to see a fellow hand quilter's work ... I always like to see the backs of my quilts. Makes me think that maybe some day I should do a whole cloth quilt?

  4. Beautiful stitching! Panels make such cheery baby quilts. Love it.

  5. This is going to be so cute! Your hand stitching looks great - and you haven't got that far to go now.