Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Stash

I promised myself a little treat this week.  And of course we all know what that means... new fabric!

First up is some "Lil-Ducky".  I've already used the blue in three baby quilts a couple of years ago and I didn't think it would still be around.  I liked it so much then that, when I saw it was still out, I had to grab some more.  One yard each of yellow and blue.  I love that little duck in galoshes!

Next up is some Michael Miller: "Lab Animals" and "Atoms".  I liked these so much that they were picked up on my first pass around the store.  Does anyone else do a first lap just to see what's in the shop before picking out bolts?  They are going to be used for a pillowcase for charity, but they were so cute that there might be a little extra for the stash!

Last up I acquired some warm and cool chevrons.  These two are going to be made into a pillow case.  Yes, together.  No, there won't be any other fabric involved to calm them down.  My sister likes bright, and this is sure to fit the bill.  It will be a pillowcase only she will be able to sleep on.

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  1. Love those chevrons! Should be a nice and bright pillowcase, eh? :D

    Those lab animals are pretty cute too.

  2. Is there any nicer feeling than when you love love love a fabric, but it's run out, and then you find it in a store? I LOVE that feeling! Those chevrons are crazy and I love that you're going to make them into a pillowcase! But definitely the pick of the bunch are those lab animals with the atoms - TOO cute. I feel tempted! What a great set of treats :^)