Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Black Tie Affair

Well this is it, I have finally finished the quilt that debuted in my first blog post!  It's only been sitting for four months quilted and waiting for binding.  Not that I procrastinate or anything...

The civil war reproduction type fabric used for the sashing is definitely out of my normal range so I went with a more modern looking fabric for the binding to liven it up a little.

I call it Black Tie Affair for two reasons...  One: because of the penguins wearing their little suits and two: because most people who saw it commented that they had never seen an elegant penguin quilt before.

I sent it out to be long arm quilted and, to be completely honest, I was a little disappointed in how it came out.  Partly I think it's just more densely quilted than I like and partly I think the quilter and I weren't in sync when I dropped it off.  I came away feeling like the quilter was a bit uncomfortable doing what I asked for and wondering if I made a mistake.  I think that interaction colored my opinion of the result.  Everyone else really likes it, so I'm working on letting it grow on me.

As of right now this quilt is without a home.  Its intended recipients are no longer engaged, so it has to wait until I find someone else who will appreciate all the penguins.  I'm not sure I've met them yet!

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  1. It is a gorgeous quilt! Congratulations on the finish. I am sure youwill find a new home for it!!!

  2. What fun - those penguins are so sweet!!

  3. The penguins are adorable......very creative cornering!