Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Ever since I've started quilting, I've saved scraps of fabric.  Pretty much every scrap: big scraps, small scraps... my mom's scraps (Hi mom!)...  pieces smaller than I want to use, even.  I would open my scrap box, stuff in the new scraps, and that would be that.

But I recently decided to take a chance and open an etsy store, which prompted me to start making some small items.  So I opened up the shoe box that contained my scraps, and fabric that hasn't seen the light of day for a while now has hope of being used again.

Well the first thing to do was to change my storage method.  Every time I went to look for a scrap I had to pull every piece out of the shoe box, one by one, and the piece I wanted was invariably on the bottom of the box.  So I went and got some bins, and now my scraps are separated by color.  There were only eight drawers so some colors have to share, but it's much, much better than it's been.

Well, if you've made it through all that, I do have some sewing to share.  I've been wanting to make a winged square block, so I pulled out some scraps, and found all those triangles already sewn!  I took that as a sign.  I think my favorite part is the yellow circle centered in the middle of that small square in the upper right!

One winged quilt square, ready for some quilting!

Quilt Plan

Now I'm trying to figure out how to quilt it.  I have a quilt plan, ambitious as usual, and I am primarily a hand quilter.  But I was shocked at how long it took me to hand quilt the last pillow I completed, and the quilting wasn't even that complex or dense!

So I'm looking for some advice.  Do go with my original quilt plan and hand quilt it?  Do I come up with a quilt plan that I can execute on my machine?  Or do I compromise and do a little bit of both?

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  1. Tricky question. Depends if it's for you (do what you like most) or etsy (do what is quick but nice). Maybe you could machine quilt all except the circles...or even stipple all or sections.

  2. What about a combo? I bet you can quilt the squares on your machine and then hand quilt the rest.