Monday, November 3, 2014

Card Trick One

After getting two substantial quilts out this year, I've decided it's time to work on some small projects.  First up is a pair of pot holders.

I have never worked with quarter square triangles and I don't even have much experience sewing with pre-cut triangles so I was a bit nervous how this was going to come out.

But now I have the first one sewn up and am loving how it looks.  However, I wasn't feeling up to trying to match any more points after the first one, so the second card trick is still waiting for it's turn!

The first of two card tricks.

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  1. Lovely block! I have been planning to try this pattern for quite a while, so I am hoping to find an excuse soon (probably after the holidays ;) ).
    Thanks for linking up at MOP Monday!!!

  2. great job. Like anything, do a few of these and you'll feel comfortable with the triangles. It's just bias to be careful with, and you did a good job!! There are ways to do easy multiple quarter square triangle blocks by the way without cutting individual ones. That's how I do it.
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  3. Lovely - and your points look perfectly matched to me. I very much like your black and red colour scheme too.

  4. I love the cards pattern, your block is very pretty!

  5. Pretty colours - would match my kitchen nicely!

  6. Lovely combination of color and motifs! I love the "warm" feeling of this block.

  7. I think this looks great. It's so pretty, I would have a hard time actually using it.

  8. Lovely colors, they give this block a great look. My experience: the next block points are better and so much quicker. Goodluck.
    Love from Amsterdam