Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rainbow Hand Quilting - 20%

Once again more time has been spent outside than has been devoted to quilting.  I've hiked three more mountains (for a total of 10 peaks in the last 30 days!), ran a few more miles, and I even got to spend a little time relaxing on the beach!  But my legs have now demanded a break from the madness, so hopefully there will be improved sewing progress in the next week.

There are 20 squares in the panel and I have quilted the first four.  The row with the tiger and the stripes is the center of the quilt; I work my way out from the middle.

I wasn't about to trace all those little dots!

The quilting is easier to see from the back - this rainbow thread stands out really well on the yellow flannel.

The large circle impression is from the quilting hoop.  That will relax out.

I'm pretty happy with how the quilting is coming along, but I'm quickly being reminded of why I didn't like working with this thread the last time I used it.  It unravels all over the place!  I don't know if this is a common issue with variegated thread, but I wouldn't recommend using Mettler variegated.

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  1. Wow, that's a lot of hiking! Adorable quilting and good to know about the thread. I've never tried that brand but I'm surprised about what a different the various brands and colors make in my machine.

  2. This will be a lucky child who receives this super cute quilt!

  3. so so cute. Have you ever used Thread Heaven, I used it when I cross stitched and it really helped stop raveling and such.

  4. I recognise that panel! I made it into a little soft book for my nephew when he was a baby. I've never used that particular thread, but unravelly thread is a pain. I'm working on blackwork piece at the moment, on the whole it's fine, but the metallic threads are a nightmare, they unravel mid-stitch...