Monday, September 23, 2013

Growing Trees and Not Enough Fabric

Test Set
I've started a new project!

I started out by trying to make my triangles using regular rulers at first.  It was complicated and took a lot of time to figure out, but I had almost got it.  And that was when I realized I wouldn't have enough fabric to make this method work.

So I broke down, found some coupons in my inbox and bought the silly tri-recs ruler set at Joann's for half off.  It was a very good move; well worth the money!

I finished making my test set and started cutting into the real fabric.  After I made my largest triangles (6 inch tall blocks) I ran into a big problem.  I started thinking about what came after the trees and realized I need easily twice as much sky blue as I have.  Oh no!  I bought this fabric forever ago, so getting more is almost certainly out of the question.

The blue already used is in the back.

I really don't want to have to take out what I've already done and start over with something new, but I didn't plan on this being scrappy.  I scrounged around in my stash and came up with the following options to consider supplementing the blue I've already started with.  I'm not convinced any of them are working for me, so I'll probably be heading out to the store in the next few days to see what I can find...

So, what would you do?  Go scrappy or find a new blue and start over?


  1. The fabrics that you have there all work well together. Depending on the layout of your project, I would do it in zones, rather than scrappy. Keep all of the same backgrounds together, and lay it out as if the sky is changing behind the trees. Maybe keep enough of each background set aside so that, when you are laying it out, you can make a few of the trees with the different skys to flow into each other. Does that make sense?

  2. Your fabric points with your new tri-recs look good. I would use a fabric that will have a strong contrast to show off your points!

  3. I would add at least 1 or 2 more backgrounds and make it scrappy. I think scrappy quilts have so much more interest than those with just a single background.