Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Woodland Sampler - February

After not one but two fabric cutting mishaps, I hung up my rotary cutter for the weekend and worked on some cross stitch instead.

Ta Da!!

Even though I technically didn't finish in February, I did finish before my first March post so that counts for something, right?  He's peeking!  I love this sampler so much.

Original white on the right.  Test subjects on the left.

My family has assured me that the original white (on January's snowflakes) isn't as bad as I think it is and, depending on the light, they might be right.  But I still made some test stitches with my various white alternatives. 

Light Grey, Light Effects White, Winter White (L-R)

Winter white is right out.  I want more contrast, not less!  The Light Effects floss is cool, but has the downside of being metallic floss.  And after all of February's stars, I'm looking to use as little metallic floss as possible!  It frays like mad and goes every which way but the way I need it to go.  What a pain in the rear!

I'd love to hear what you think...  Which floss would you choose?

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  1. It is so cute! It's no surprise that I like the metallic. I always do even though they are the biggest pain the tukus ever! If you like whats in there you should keep it. :)

  2. Light Effects White looks best to me. I love seeing your progress. That little peeking raccoon is just too cute!

  3. Ahh! I love cross stitch! The middle white for me too. In the picture it looks the brightest

  4. That raccoon is really cute. I agree with you about metallic thread and would probably go with the thread that is easier to use - probably why I have a cross stitch kit that is full of metallic gold thread that I haven't started yet :)

  5. So cute! Tough call on the whites though. I think I would go with the Light Effects White, but it will look great no matter what you choose! Happy Stitching!

  6. Very sweet. That makes me wonder where some of my cross stitch stuff went to. I bet it is in my sewing room somewhere but it has been many years. :)

  7. This is too cute, love it...the light effects white looks best to me, but go with what you think.

  8. Have you tried a light blue instead? I'm thinking of doing that for my white on white in the Once Upon a Time Sampler.

    1. Or alternatively fill in the background of the rectangle with a color, like the raccoon square so that the white shows up more (i.e. it's not white on white anymore).

  9. I love love the cute little deer!