Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Whose Feathers are Falling?

This week, in addition to continuing my slow and steady work on Atoms and Oranges, I've been cutting fabric for a new 12 inch block.  I've been wanting to do a round robin for some time, and when I tried out the local quilt guild in September and they were doing sign-ups for a round robin...  It seemed like the perfect opportunity, so I jumped right in.

With a plan in mind, I first snuck a small square out of some colorful bubbles that I've been saving.  Then I searched my stash for a good background fabric.  I liked these feathers so much that I'm hoping someone out there can help me identify it.  (Because of course the piece I have didn't have a printed selvage!)  I think it would go well in the large bubble quilt I have planned, if it's still available.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Diamonds and Dashes

I've been adding stitching close to the ditch on the Atoms and Oranges churn dashes.  Six large diamonds will be formed where four blocks come together, and these areas will recieve more quilting when all the straight lines are done.  For now I'm just enjoying the secondary pattern they make.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Quilting Begins...

When last I posted, this quilt was bound for borders.  Then I laid out some fabrics... and then laid out some more fabrics... but this stubborn quilt vetoed every last one.  So finally I let it have it's way and I pinned it up without adding any borders.

Needle and thread were set to it almost immediately.  I've missed having a handwork project very much!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lab Walls - Complete!

All of the cute little labs are now protected.  One more round of borders to go!  I'm thinking that a couple inches of atoms all the way around should finish this off nicely.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Scientists at work!

Twelve little scientists are newly installed in their labs, and already hard at work!  Next up will be installing a little sashing for privacy.  Wouldn't want their research getting contaminated!

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Georgia and Gen Con

Traveling for most of July didn't leave me with much time to sew, but it did help me grab a couple of new states to add to my 50 states collection!  I added the big flowers on the left from Georgia and the puzzle pieces on the right from Indiana.

It proved rather difficult to get to a fabric store in Indiana, as my husband and I were in Indianapolis for Gen Con.  Gen Con was attended by over 61,000 people this year.  That meant we were were trying to secure resources like cars and hotel rooms at the same time as a lot of other people, and our reservations kept being given away to someone else!

But we persevered and, despite all of the scheduling snafus, thoroughly enjoyed our trip.

Even though Gen Con is a gaming convention, most of the events I signed up for were crafty!  I started with a couple of classes on knitting and embroidery, then moved on to some more unusual classes like ribbon embroidery and scale chain-mail.  The chain mail class was by far my favorite, and has a high probability of turning into another hobby!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Maine Quilt Show

This past week I saved up all my quilting time in order to go the the Maine quilt show in Augusta!

Five new greens!
It was a great time!  There were so many gorgeous quilts to peruse and vendors around all four sides of this huge room.  I did a decent job of avoiding all the pretty temptation though.  Only three pieces of fabric came home with me that weren't for a project already in progress!

In addition to a mountain panel, a bouquet of batik flowers, and some small smiling whales... I added five new evergreen fat quarters to my growing Christmas collection.  This set will eventually attract some tan and gold to become my very first holiday wall hanging!

But the real reason I went to the show was because the Gammill dealer for the region was there (and Augusta is a lot closer than the closest showroom!)  My interest in a long arm has been growing and it's time to find opportunities to try some of the brands I am considering.

The table was set a little low for me, so I had a little trouble seeing my stitches past the top of the machine at first.  Then they stopped the computerized head on the other half of the table, which gave me some space to play in, I slowed down (and crouched a little) and I was able to guide the machine into stitching a vine that I'm pretty proud of!

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