Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fifty State Challenge

In May of 2009, I took a trip to Florida to see some family.  I always try to get fabric where ever I go. I even managed to pick some up in another country.  (It was a little shop on a back street and I didn't speak the language, but we managed!)  So of course part of my prep for this trip was to find the local quilt stores.

It was then that inspiration struck!  I wanted to travel to all 50 states, buy fabric in each one, and put together a quilt representing my travels.

Obviously, the first state that I acquired was Florida.  (And as luck would have it, the store that I went to sold an exclusive fabric to represent the area!)  I don't remember the exact order I acquired the following states, but I do try to add a new state or two each year.

Hawaii, New Hampshire, Virginia, Maine, New Mexico (L-R)
South Carolina, Florida, Colorado, Vermont
North Carolina, Delaware, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania

I am under no illusions that this will be a quick process.  After all, it's been five years and I only have 14 states.  In fact, I don't even have fabric from the state I live in yet!  But this quilt is all about the journey, and I'm looking forward to taking it.

What you could win!
Speaking of journeys, one year ago today I wrote my first blog post.  It's been an interesting ride and this process is definitely still growing and evolving.

And here's where I try something new...

When I was in Colorado picking up the most recent fabric for my 50 states challenge, I picked up a few fat quarters to give away to a reader of my blog.

My apologies to anyone who reads my blog from abroad, this particular giveaway is only open to those with US addresses.

In order to win, please tell me what your favorite brick and mortar quilt store is and what state it is in.  In addition, I must be able to contact you.  Please leave an email address if you are a no-reply blogger.  Thanks!

I will pick the winner February Second.  Good luck!

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  1. Well I am not eligible to the giveaway, but my favourite brick and mortar store is the Running Stitch in Kanata, Ontario (near Ottawa). Way too far for visits ;) What a wonderful idea to collect fabrics from your travels!

  2. Cary Quilting Company in Cary NC. I once tried to visit all 50 states. I've only made it to about 22 and I'm pretty sure there are some that I will never see. I think it is super cool that you're doing it!

  3. I'm also not eligible for the giveaway, but also think it's a great idea to collect the fabric. Now if I'd only thought of that in 2011 when my son did heaps of travelling in the U.S.! At least here in Australia I'd only be up for 7 states. I'm also quite new to blogging, but am enjoying that journey too.

  4. This quilt is such a great idea!! I've only been to 2 LQS in New Mexico--The Quilt Works in Albuquerque and Busy Bee Quilts in Edgewood (about 30 min outside of ABQ). I've heard good things about Hip Stitch in ABQ, so that's next on the list for me. But if you want locally designed fabric, go to Taos--someone gave me a very cool panel from a shop in Taos, it showed all the interesting and fun activities to do in the area. One of these days I'll hunt down where it came from, maybe it's time for a road trip to Taos...

  5. Such a neat concept for a quilt! Looks like you got one of the hardest to get (Hawaii), now to get Alaska. I recently moved to Florida but my favorite quilt shop in Ohio was The Little Red Quilt House in Medina (outside of Cleveland) -- http://www.littleredquilthouse.com/

  6. Happy Blogiversary! Congratulations! A travel quilt is a great idea. Especially in the USA. You would get to visit 40 more fabric stores than us up here in Canada with only 10 provinces. What a fun fabric shopping excuse!

  7. I'm in Italy so I can't join your fun giveaway but I wanted to tell you what a great idea your States quilt is! Congratulations on your Blog anniversary!

  8. This is such a fun idea. My favorite LQS in Utah are the Cotton Shops. There are 3 of them, I think. But there are so many quilt shops here in Utah. I am quite spoiled.

  9. The best quilt shop I have ever been to was in St Cloud MN called Bruegers - They had the biggest batik selection that I have ever seen in person! My heart almost stopped!! LOL I buy most of my fabric online.

    Happy anniversary!! :)

  10. I live in a fairly isolated area, so we have very little to chose from. But down in Madison, WI is the Sewcial Lounge and it is a fantastic quilt shop! I highly recommend it!

  11. What a fun idea, your fabric travels sounds like a great adventure. I live in Missouri and my favorite shop is Missouri Star Quilt Company in a very small town Hamilton Missouri. But quilters seek it out from all over because it is amazing. They produce a lot of youtube videos for quilters. Just type the name into youtube if you haven't already!

  12. This is such a cool idea! My favorite B&M fabric store is Let's Sew in Evansville, IN. They sell quilting as well as fashion fabric. But if all you want to look at is quilting cottons, I'd recommend either The Stitching Post in Washington, IN or The Village Mercantile in Booneville, IN. All of them are in the SW corner of Indiana near Illinois and KY, so if you're ever this way, swing by.

  13. My favorite shop is Blue Bird Quilts & Gallery in Grand Terrace, CA. It's the next town down the road 7 miles away. She has the most colorful fabric! We're east of Los Angeles.

  14. Hi Rachel--What a fantastic idea! I may have to try this out and start a collection of my own! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Would love for you to stop by and link this up to Fabric Frenzy Friday!

    Fabric Frenzy Friday

  15. My favorite quilt shop is Cosmic Cow in Lincoln, NE. I live pretty close and they have such fun fabric. Good luck on your travels and I can't wait to see all the blocks.