Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Quilt Retreat Productivity!

Remember this?
I hadn't gotten any farther than this by the time I left for my quilt weekend on Thursday morning.  Sad, but not surprising...  I like to over-commit myself.

By Thursday evening I had 270 - 3.5" x 9.5" pieces ready to go.

I worked hard on Friday to assemble the main part of the quilt.  (Meanwhile, I dropped off my first order at the quilters!)

Saturday morning saw borders added and a back pieced, and by early afternoon I was taking this quilt to the quilters as well!

Now it looks like this!  Except less fuzzy...
Colors are more realistic in the first shot.

I think the back gave me more trouble than the front!  First I couldn't find a fat back that I liked which made me sad.  I was in such a rush that it would have been nice if that worked out.  However, after a couple of different attempts to find a fabric for the back, I managed to find a blue that matched the color of the blue on the front almost exactly!  I think it was Moda marbles in Royal Blue.

Then, when I was piecing the back I found that I only had just enough.  My 9 yard cut was not quite 9 yards... which I discovered after cutting the first two 3 yard
Backing - Moda Marbles Royal Blue
pieces off!  For future reference, check that the fabric is as big as you think it is before cutting anything!

When I dropped off my latest work, hot off the presses, my penguins were mostly finished.  She had to reload my quilt for a little bit that had been forgotten, but I was still able to take it home when I left Sunday morning.

I really like the quilter I use.  She does good work quickly.  The past two years I have dropped off quilts on Friday and picked them up the same weekend.  I liked not having to pay for shipping across three states!

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  1. Quilt retreats are fabulous for productivity! I'm loving your top and what a quick turnaround!

  2. Wow, you really got a lot done at your retreat. That's wonderful!

  3. Lovely! But did you get any sleep!?!