Wednesday, November 23, 2016

November Plus Block Report

With my big Celtic block out of the way, my design wall is full of small blocks for my plus quilt again.  I have enough blocks to make the pattern as written now, but I was hoping to make it a little larger.  I like throw quilts you can get all tangled up in!

I had been thinking that I might just make another set of blocks, and grow the quilt that way.  But now that it is all laid out, more blocks seem like they might be overwhelming.  I'll leave these up for a bit and see if they have anything to say.  Maybe I can sneak in a couple of pieced borders!

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  1. Nice blocks! A piano key border would be really cute on this.

  2. Love these bright bold colors! Looking forward to seeing how you decide to finish this up!

  3. I like the small squares scattered between the plus signs, and of course the bright colors on black. I can't wait to see how you decide to grow the quilt :)

  4. I like the mixture of the plus blocks and the others - a pieced border could look stunning, I think.