Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Woodland Sampler - November

Moving backwards a bit from Christmas, I thought it was time to finish my November stitching.  Only one more row remains, so hopefully the next couple of months will see a finished piece!

For the time being I left out some of the single stitch snowflakes, because I wasn't sure of a good way to secure the metallic thread.  In my experience, single stitches aren't very secure and metallic thread does like to unravel!  But regardless of what I decide to do about the flakes, I've still got one more cute critter!

I saw a squirrel!

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  1. Rachel, that is the most darling autumn sampler ever! I love all your little woodland critters. Really excellent work!

  2. Of course, if you know me.... You know how much I am NUTS about squirrels! This little one is no exception. So very cute!