Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A New State - Nevada

This past weekend my husband surprised me with a trip.  Since he kept the location a secret all the way up to the drive towards the airport, finding a quilt store was a high priority once our destination was revealed (Las Vegas)!

Nevada - Quiltique

Google likes to rotate my pictures.

Never having been to Nevada before, once I found a quilt store I needed to find a good fabric to add to my 50 state collection.

I was a little surprised that I couldn't find a fabric with the lights of the strip, but I decided to go with the red in the bottom left to represent Red Rock Canyon and it suited me much better!  A bit of the blue may go with it to show how blue the sky was, but I'm still up in the air about that.

Red Rock was pretty awesome.  We didn't get to spend nearly enough time wandering around out there, so we will have to go back with more appropriate gear for sure!

The top two are some cute little critters that I just couldn't resist.

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  1. Rachel, first time visit to your blog. What an exciting and fun surprise. I was drawn here by the picture on Let's bee Social of the red fabric. I had to see what that was all about and I am glad I did. Really stunning. Good choice,

  2. Oh what a good husband. I love the idea of a 50 state fabric collection. Will there ever be a 50 state quilt?