Monday, August 11, 2014

A Plea for Help

I haven't had much time to quilt lately, but this morning I was excited to show off some blocks that I've managed to squeeze in.

Except it turns out that my iron is leaking...  And I had left my finished blocks sitting underneath my ironing board.

The two worst ones.  What a way to start a Monday...

So now I'm considering just throwing out the whole project.  I don't know what this means for my ability to wash the quilt if I make it, and I'd rather not put in all the effort if it's just going to ruin itself when it's done.

If anyone has any advice, I would appreciate it.

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  1. Oh dear - they look awful dont they? You could try unpicking the blocks and putting the brown squares into a lingerie bag in the washer and also washing any uncut brown fabric. Might be a problem if there is shrinkage and you dont pre-wash the other fabrics. Or, try soaking in Vanish or similar then washing a block with a colour catcher - anything to try and salvage the work you have already put in. Good luck.x

  2. Oh no! I wish I had some advice to share. I'm not great at fixing issues in quilting yet because I'm still in the phase of making tons of mistakes. Hopefully someone will have some great suggestions and you can salvage all your hard work.

  3. was it just water in your iron? If it's a watermark, I'd think it would come out, but if it's got rust in it, I'd suggesting getting rid... or you could do some applique over the top?

  4. Oh, dear! This is not how to start the day! I don't have any better advice than what Kayleigh has written. I never use water in my iron. Sorry you had this happen!

  5. Are the color blocks batik?
    Stitch your blocks onto some scrap with a larger stitch (dont risk the raw edges)
    Try soaking in a small container with color catchers first, if it shows signs of improvement give them a wash. If it works I suggest washing the top alone before its quilted by folding it over on itself again with a big stitch. Wash the backing separately, then sandwich and quilt. I saved a quilt this way